Friday, August 29, 2014

My old pal, The Universe

It's Friday! We survived!

(This song was in my head for some reason on this morning's run. Not mad.)
And speaking of:
 (She is my spirit animal)
Wednesday's treadmill workout was fine. Ran a 5K in 30:27 for a 9:49 min/mi pace. Ended with some arm work and various squats which I STILL FEEL. Yoga yesterday helped stretch out some of the soreness (I swear it's like she knew exactly what was wrong with my body and based the whole hour off that) but I think I still need to do some stretches tonight before tomorrow's 8 miler.
This morning's run felt pretty great, and I'm sure that's because of the massive truckload of carbs I ate yesterday. Splits came in at 10:50, 10:20 and 9:54 (I think) for 3.15 in 32:28. To be honest, I probably had enough fuel in me to finish tomorrow's scheduled 8 miles right then. I finished with some core.
I know I need to up my carb intake while I'm upping my running, but I also don't need to drown myself in them. I need to find that happy medium. Yesterday's food diary:
Breakfast at work (yoga in the morning):
-Hard boiled egg
-Morningstar "sausage" patty
-1/4 C shelled edamame
-Half a thin bun with 1 Tbsp. of natural chunky peanut butter (Chunky or die! But don't refer to me as chunky, thanks)
Leftover stir fry consisting of:
-Approx. .5 C each white basmati rice and brown rice
-Approx. 1 C stir fry veggies/scrambled egg/soy sauce/shelled edamame
-Approx. 1.5 C of "power greens" mix underneath it all
This was obviously not enough (because I needed about 4840382 more grams of protein in it), so I stole a Samoa from the break room (WTF Girl Scout cookies randomly appearing in the office at the end of August?). At least I didn't succumb to AJ's carrot cake that was also here.
-A few handfuls of this that AV brought a big bag of the other day and I'm basically obsessed with:
For dinner I busted out an old pasta recipe that I haven't made in about 356 years. 1.5 servings of that with garlic bread (because ALWAYS garlic bread). Oh, and? Finished half a piece of chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip icing. Because that's necessary. (It actually might have been necessary.) So basically, I was riding the carb wave all day for no apparent reason. BUT, hopefully the residual effects are still with me tomorrow morning!

I receive Notes from the Universe in my email every morning and today's was awesome: 
"Should you ever hear that voice inside exclaim that you're working too slow, are too easily distracted, or that you should take life more seriously, please rest assured, dearest Erin, that it absolutely, positively is not me.

I'm the one saying, 'You totally rock!'

- The Universe"

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  1. Three comments:
    1) Since when do you love chunky peanut butter? I thought you always wanted creamy...or was that your brother.
    2) Remember what Uncle Day-doo says...carbs burn clean. Plus, your Hancock heritage demands you eat lots of potatoes.
    3) When you're in town we can break out some thin mints and peanut butter patties. Not sure why we order so many cookies every year.