Friday, August 8, 2014

Catch Up

Happy Friday!

My past few workouts have gone well. Wednesday morning's treadmill run had me running a 5K in 31:19--a 10:06/mi average. I ran the second half ranging at a 6.0 speed and at 6.5 for the last two minutes just because I wanted to get it over with. Apparently, boredom does wonders for my "speed." I finished up with some superset moves. I still felt the sumo deadlift high pulls yesterday in yoga.

Yoga was great, as per usual. I really think I need to either invest in a new mat or at least a Yogitoes towel to 1) prevent me from slipping in my gallons of sweat (amazing mental image, I know) and 2) keep my mat a little cleaner. I don't think my feet are overly dirty (?!) but my mat is starting to look a little haggard. It's just a standard cheapo I bought back in January. It's served me well, but I think the time to invest in a higher quality mat is nigh. Hopefully it can last me through the end of half training and then I can put these wishes on a birthday list. (Shout out to family and friends looking for gift ideas!)

Last night I started to dread my run this morning, and I have no idea why. Running is such a stupid mental game with me. Once I got into it, I actually felt GREAT. The only thing was I had to keep making adjustments with my sweet new runglasses (I see you, Meg) and the headband I was wearing. I ran 3.28 in 34:38, making for a 10:30/mi pace. I felt like I was holding back the whole time, making it an "easy" run, which was the objective. My splits came in at 10:43, 10:32 and 10:17, which is exactly the kind of speeding up I want to see!

I ended this morning with more Blogilates ab torture. I lasted 8 minutes this time! Woof.

Tomorrow is my second "long" 5-miler. Then off to bigger and brighter and scarier mileage as the weeks go on. This weekend I think we're going to see Into The Storm, which looks absolutely ridiculous, and then I will probably be subjected to a lot of golf and football.

(and Go Chiefs!)

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