Friday, August 1, 2014

Accidental "Speed"

This morning I took advantage of "cooler" temps (84°...I take what I can get) and ran my 5K outside. I forgot Fridays are supposed to be my easier and slower runs to prepare for my Saturday long runs, but seeing as how my "long" run tomorrow will be 5 miles, I guess I wanted to redeem myself for 3rd mile slow down a few days ago. I actually finished 3.18 miles in 31.48. A few seconds off on the time below, since I stopped and made sure to stop and note my time when I stopped the Garmin in case it erased all data into the ether like before. It did not. Victory!

(Sweet socks, bro)

I'm really going to have to work on my splits becoming slowly negative, rather than in a big chunk. I'd say I'm OK for now, as I'm just starting to building up mileage. It really never fails that I want to die the first 1.25 miles or so of any run, whether I'm going to 3 miles or 10. Ugh.
I came back home for some core work. If you were every to ask yourself "Self, what's one type of workout that Erin seems like she would absolutely hate and want to die in a fire" and you answered "Blogilates" well then. You win a prize. I want to hate this Cassey girl so much and I want her to get her upbeat crap out of my face, but her workouts are legit.

I lasted 7 minutes. Help.


  1. You're amazing! I walked up and down a flight of stairs today :)

  2. That ab girl is rude....she keeps pointing at me.