Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A New Moon (no teenaged vampires)

Hello! Welcome back to the adventures of sweatbomb.

Saturday's 7 miler ended up being pretty pleasant. I never felt incredibly tired, but I did feel the boost my 3 shotbloks gave me at mile 3.5. I think I'm going to bump up my first 3 blocks to 3.25 because they didn't really kick in for a while and I don't want to risk being drained. If that ends up being too late, I'll start at 3. This whole running thing is too much trial and error.

I started out takin' her easy ("take her easy...she's my lady and that's what I said"...anyone? Anyone?!)

And maybe it was a little too easy. Splits came in around 11:08, 11:03, 10:58 and 10:52 (from what I can remember) so I decided to stop being a baby and remember a 10:35 and 10:45 in there. No idea what the other mile clocked in at. I ended with a 10:51 average pace which is a little too slow for a 2:20 half. BUT, I forced myself to not feel too bad, because I honestly felt great during this run and never really got bored or wished it was over. (A miracle.) 

Sunday I ended up missing yoga because I went to Tempe for the Sigma Kappa chapter at ASU's for MOCK RECRUITMENT! It made me remember just what a freaking weird time sorority recruitment is. Plus, it's weird how different it is at KU compared to here. Overall, it was cute and all the girls I talked to were friendly and outgoing. I could tell some were incredibly nervous, but I remember wanting to basically poop in my pants going through mock for my first time as a Sophomore so I can't judge. I have no idea how I handled work week AND recruitment without the help of some handy dandy 5 Hours, but I do remember caffeine pills being involved. (Sorry, mom.) My throat hurt after talking for less than 2 hours, so I'm definitely out of practice.

Also, how did I ever forget the glory of the song that is "Goodbye Ladies"!?!? Don't worry, it's been blazing through my head ever since. 

Since I missed out on Sunday yoga I attended a new-to-me 6:00 a.m. flow class yesterday morning at the Gainey Village location of my gym. I'd been to this location before, but never to work out. The class was FABULOUS. It was the perfect mix of challenge and flow without being too intense and making me feel like I was dying. Our instructor walked in and let us know a new moon had started that morning and so if we wanted to set any good intentions or start projects that it was a great time to do so. I've decided I'm going to really focus on being healthier and to start out each morning in a positive mindset, and hoping it will cross over into work as I embark on my 2nd year of treacherous budget work. Here's hoping!

(Oh, and! I finally got to use my Yogitoes towel and it was a glory!)

This morning's 4 miles went great. It was cool and a little cloudy/humid and felt great. Splits came in at 10:45, 10:16, 10:09 and 10:00! Beauts! I decided to actually push myself instead of being lazy. It paid off!

It's insane that August is almost over. I'm dying for the weather to cool down as these long runs get longer, but knowing AZ we'll be in the 100's into October. Puke!


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