Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Goat Rodeo

I have to laugh at my whimsical look into 2016 in that last post. Since writing that, here are some fun things that have happened:

-Our hot water heater burst a pipe underground and flooded our main bathroom and parts of both bedrooms. We went about two weeks in January (yes, in Arizona, but still freezing.) without hot water. That long without being able to shower at home or being able to run your dishwasher will make you appreciate your ancestors from Oregon Trail for sure. And sure, we technically COULD shower, but freezing water = terrible way to wake up. Terrible.

-When the plumber decided he had to re-pipe the water heater (vs. jack hammering into our foundation), huge holes were put into every room (both bedrooms, both bathrooms, living room and kitchen) in order to re-pipe. Dust. Everywhere. 

-I woke up in the middle of the night in February and thought my appendix had burst. What a time to be alive! I'm not sure what happened (Something I ate? General stomach issues I've been dealing with for a while now?) but I was about 3-months-pregnant-bloated and couldn't walk without doubling over in pain. We took a 1:00 a.m. trip to the ER, which is thankfully right down the road, and I had my first Morphine experience. (Woof.) After testing my blood/urine and everything else, the conclusion was "We have no idea what's wrong with you, you are 100% healthy." Okie dokie!

-A shining moment: my best gals all traveled in for the most fun bachelorette party weekend ever! The weather was perfect and we had so much fun. I never wanted it to end. CANNOT WAIT for these gals to come back for the wedding. Everyone went so above and beyond in traveling and planning and preparing a few surprises and making everything the best. My heart was full.

(Formatting in Blogger is amazing)

-The week after everyone left...I got the flu! Heyo! Luckily, it seemed like a pretty mild case and I only had to miss one day of work. And I lost a few lbs!

-I finally hauled my cookies to a gastroenterologist who prescribed me some antibiotics and fancy (read: expensive) probiotics that seem to have started working some magic. I have to say, I think gastro doctors may have the best sense of humor. He had the funniest stuff in his office, including a little toy toilet and a few fake pieces of poo. I know.

-Drywall repairs started last week and we had to live among plastic hanging from the ceilings and lining all the walls (Think serial killer aesthetic). Dust. Everywhere. Part 2. It is still going on. But progress is progress, right? I'm praying that the carpet cleaning situation is going to be as painless as possible. I'm also reminding myself every day how lucky I am that we don't own this place. Woof again.

-But in the end, you can't appreciate the good without the bad. Life is pretty dang good regardless of these headaches. Cheers, 2016! I'll keep rolling with you!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

NEW YEAR! NEW YOU! *fart sound*

Well hello! Thought I might surprise all 3 of you (including my mom) with a new post in the new year!

I'm not one to think things magically change overnight when December 31 turns to January 1, but I do welcome the chance to reassess things in my life and see what I can add to it to better it, as well as what I can drop to more enrich it. And if I put it out into the universe, I am more apt to hold myself accountable to get them done.

So, I am not saying "I'M GOING TO DROP 30 LBS/CONQUER HANDSTAND/RUN A HALF MARATHON/GET A SIX PACK/ADOPT AN AFRICAN VILLAGE"...but I am saying here are some things I'm going to do, instead of just saying I want/need to do them (my motto in 2016 will be: "If you want to do it...DO IT, already!"):

- Try out flotation therapy already. (And convince AV to join)
- Buy a new bike. Our new neighborhood has a TON of trails.
- Sign up for the January 23 Inversions Workshop at Gainey (And if you're local, let me know if you want to come?!)
- Schedule a dermatologist appointment to make sure I haven't succumbed to Arizona's sunshine skin devil (although you'd never know it from the CRAP weather we've been having)
- Attend an Arizona Storytellers event. I always hear snippets on NPR and think this would be a fun evening.
- Finish planning a wedding without going insane! So far so good! (Maybe.)

Oh yeah...and no booze until my first wedding dress fitting. Insert sad trombone song here. 

What are you doing in 2016?