Friday, August 15, 2014

The Secret

This week I learned that Oprah was right about her "secret" of putting stuff out into the universe and getting what you want. Only by "into the universe" I mean this blog and my personal Oprah being Mom.

My very own Yogitoes arrived in the mail yesterday! Thank you Mom! Can't wait to literally sweat my life away on it Sunday.

Wednesday's workout was a quick (30:34 9:52/mi) 5K on the treadmill followed by some upper body weights. I especially love walking into the women's weight section at Gold's and seeing some a-hole in "lifting gloves" wearing a "Drop It Like A Squat" tank top stealing almost every dumbbell weight, along with two full barbells. Go out into the general weightlifting area you DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCHE. Luckily, the lovely ladies at Gold's have no idea how to put their weights up in the right order and I was able to find two spare 12.5 lbs. in the 7 lbs. and 10 lbs. areas to complete my arm exercises. That place sucks sometimes.

Yoga yesterday was great. We ended with Double Pigeon (haha, "Fire Log"), which I still felt this morning.

And speaking of this morning, it wasn't too shabby. It was humid out, but not too hot. Splits came in at 11:03, 10:23 and 10:09 for 3.2 miles in 33:34 (10:29/mi). I'm attempting my 6-miler outside tomorrow morning (I hope), so I need to pick up some of my favorite "fuel" and get this training show on the road!

(Also, if anyone is playing along at home: I made these sun-dried tomato mozzarella quinoa burgers last night and they were OUTSTANDING!)

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