Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No labor, but running, eating, shopping and NAPPING

Welcome to Wednesday, which feels like Tuesday but is awesomely not. Yoga already tomorrow morning, whatwhat!

Backtracking to the long weekend...

Friday was spent eating pizza (Spinatos. If you have access to it, DO IT.), which is basically my favorite way to spend a Friday night lately. I woke up in darkness of early Saturday morning and felt strangely calm and ready for 8 miles. I took my time getting ready and eating, made sure I had enough sunscreen/chapstick on, readied my Shot Bloks in my water bottle's little sleeve and took off.

This run felt pretty good. I needed some positivity after the week before. My first mile came in a little bit slow, but I can't complain about anything else. Splits were (I'm doing this from memory but this is pretty darn accurate): 11:18, 10:48, 10:45, 10:45, 10:43, 10:35, 10:49, 10:22. I knew I had to make up some time from that 10:49 that slipped in at mile 7 and really pushed myself. I ended with 8.01 at 1:26:23 with a 10:47 min/mi. One MEASLY second away from the 10:46 pace I'll need for 2:20. I will gladly take it. Everything about this run felt easy and fun. Yes, I just said running 8 miles was fun. I think it had to do with all the pups on the trail.

I swear, if I could bottle and sell the high that came with mile 5 I'd be a bzillionaire.

I came home and made a quick breakfast before we headed for our Labor Day weekend adventure to Out Of Africa. Seriously people. Safari adventures!

(Delicious celery treats)

We went to Out of Africa as kids visiting AZ, but apparently they've changed locations and all I remember is a gigantic snake being hoisted around by a bunch of people. The entire park had trams running through it every 20 minutes, or you could just walk to each destination. We chose the walking option, and got to see a whole lot of animal craziness. We watched the "Tiger Splash" show, which really stressed me out. No one got eaten, in case you were worried.


(So sleepies)


We were there for three and a half hours and decided to then set off to Flagstaff for a late lunch/early dinner. We wound our way through the scenic route that took us through Sedona, which was freaking beautiful.
However, soon hangry levels were approaching *DANGER* warning levels for both of us. I pulled up Yelp and made the executive decision that we were going to eat at Diablo Burger. It was holy, and all was right in the world. I had their veggie burger topped with pepperjack and green chiles and I think I saw God when I ate it. Paired with their amazingly herby frites and an open patio, it was everything I could have wanted at that moment. We walked around the downtown area a little bit more (really cute and Lawrence-esque) before heading back home.
Then I slept for 9 hours straight. Like a dead person.
Sunday afternoon yoga didn't happen. I took two naps that day. I am officially old.
Monday my gym had an abbreviated class schedule due to the holiday, so I opted for the 7:30 Yoga Flow Basic class. And basic it was, but she gave us options for more challenges. The pigeon was a godsend. It was a glorious hour.
We decided to be masochists at go to Ikea on a holiday. It wasn't that bad! We got there right as they opened and sped through in about an hour and a half. Picked up a new rug, coffee table and ottoman. The ottoman was in the wrong area (I know I probably should have looked more closely but come on!) and ended up being a dark green color verses the dark tan/brown we thought we picked up. It actually looks fine. Good decision on our part to spruce up the living room a bit, on the cheap.
Then I took a two hour nap. What was that thing about being old again?
Yesterday's 4-miler was a bit rough to wake up to, but I made the most of it.
(How badly did I want to get home?)
This morning's run broke the 30 minute 5K mark! Don't get too excited, the treadmill is basically the only time this will ever happen in life. Ever. Part of it was I was doing minute intervals at 6.5 and somehow forgot to take myself off that speed. I didn't know how I got so winded after about 5 minutes and then looked down. D'oh. 3.1 in 29:50. Heyo!


  1. Run Erin Run!
    The last time I took you to northern AZ you cried because it was snowing during spring break. I'm glad you had a good time.
    IKEA opens in Merriam KS in 10 days!!!
    If you're up early enough, the Jared Coons 5K that runs around our neighborhood is Saturday October 4. Just saying.

    1. Let me get with Tmay and figure logistics of getting there that morning. It would be fun!