Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The heat is...on.

This morning started out a little nightmarish.

My alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. and I noticed it was pretty dark out. Hooray, the clouds from last night's lightning-fest (but no rain, UGH) were making way for a cloudy and cool run!

Went outside. Noted the heat. Started to sweat. Weather app said 90°. Woof.

I sucked it up and hopped off to my scheduled 4-miler. The first mile was terribad and ended up coming in at 11:11, even with me doing a few "sprints" to try to salvage what I knew was a sluggish start. Although I've started this training in summer in Arizona, the mornings have generally been fine. They're not cool in any sense of the word, but I guess I never realized the difference between 84° and 90°. You know, until today. 

I finally found my legs and ticked off the remaining miles at 10:30, 10:37 and 10:11, for a 10:37/mi pace. Rather than positive mantras and envisioning success and greatness, I basically mentally berated myself for being such a baby! There are worse things in life than running in hot weather. The pace was quicker than what I'll need to do for a 2:20 (barely), so it was a win! Lay off.

(Can't say the phrase "lay off" without picturing this. These fries are good!!!!)
Last night we headed out to the Hills for dinner at Grambo's, since Auntie Boobooski and Brady are in town. (I just wanted to write that sentence to thoroughly confuse anyone reading this who doesn't know my family.) We had tasty roast pork (well, I'm told it was tasty), delish roasted veggies with feta, salad and some cheesy fiesta au gratin potatoes. And obviously, homemade angel food cake topped with blueberries, strawberries and peaches for dessert. What was that thing I said about a diet?

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  1. Other names to amuse those not in the fam: Guppy (aka - Gupster, Gup), Boppy, Daydoo, J-bird, Schniff-Schneff, Drewie, and Ernie-Lynn. You forgot Brady con Pantalones.