Thursday, January 7, 2016

NEW YEAR! NEW YOU! *fart sound*

Well hello! Thought I might surprise all 3 of you (including my mom) with a new post in the new year!

I'm not one to think things magically change overnight when December 31 turns to January 1, but I do welcome the chance to reassess things in my life and see what I can add to it to better it, as well as what I can drop to more enrich it. And if I put it out into the universe, I am more apt to hold myself accountable to get them done.

So, I am not saying "I'M GOING TO DROP 30 LBS/CONQUER HANDSTAND/RUN A HALF MARATHON/GET A SIX PACK/ADOPT AN AFRICAN VILLAGE"...but I am saying here are some things I'm going to do, instead of just saying I want/need to do them (my motto in 2016 will be: "If you want to do it...DO IT, already!"):

- Try out flotation therapy already. (And convince AV to join)
- Buy a new bike. Our new neighborhood has a TON of trails.
- Sign up for the January 23 Inversions Workshop at Gainey (And if you're local, let me know if you want to come?!)
- Schedule a dermatologist appointment to make sure I haven't succumbed to Arizona's sunshine skin devil (although you'd never know it from the CRAP weather we've been having)
- Attend an Arizona Storytellers event. I always hear snippets on NPR and think this would be a fun evening.
- Finish planning a wedding without going insane! So far so good! (Maybe.)

Oh yeah...and no booze until my first wedding dress fitting. Insert sad trombone song here. 

What are you doing in 2016?