Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Recap

It's Monday. (Booooo.) But it was a good weekend. (Cheers!)

Friday night we caught a quick dinner at Pita Jungle before heading to see Into The Storm. (Sidenote: I know that I made a really great homemade hummus, but their jalapeno/cilantro version is made from God.) The movie was a complete abortion of bad acting and special effects and therefore, was a great time! I especially liked it when one tornado sucked up a bunch of fire and became a flame-ado. We were surprised this came to theaters rather than straight to the SyFy network, but it was entertaining!

Saturday I went 5.12 miles on the treadmill (in order to balance out the 3.28 from the day before because I'm an OCD freak) in 52:56 for a 10:20/mi pace. The first 20 minutes or so I was just. not. feeling. it. I think I'm just getting sick of the treadmill. I need to commit to going outside for next Saturday's 6-miler. The high that day is only ("only") 102° and if I leave early enough, heat shouldn't be a problem.

I felt a little better when I looked into my MapMyRun archives and saw that all my training runs are noticeably faster than last year's. So that's promising.

Saturday afternoon I went to the pool and surprisingly lasted about an hour. But the real high point of the day was making French bread pizza while watching football.

(Insert Homer Simpson drool gif)
These were amazing.  However, I made the following changes:
  • Put a thin layer of red sauce that I needed to use up underneath the topping (and I recommend you do this)
  • Used a 6-Italian cheese blend rather than Fontina
I also went to the hassle of making the crispy basil, but I don't think it really added anything to it. There's a chiffonade of fresh basil in the topping mixture that packed the summery-fresh punch. I also went to the hassle of buying an ear of corn and cutting off the kernels to sautee. I DO recommend that you do this. I also didn't go with the balsamic glaze, as I'm just not a fan of balsamic. I know some people can't comprehend that, but lay off.

Yesterday we made a homemade breakfast feast. I want to try to do this once a weekend, since going out for breakfast is laughably more expensive than making it on your own. Breakfast included:

After a too-long nap and some golf, I headed to Sunday afternoon yoga. Being such a sweat monster is so frustrating to me sometimes. I could hold so many poses so much longer if I wasn't completely drenched in my own sweat. (Amazing mental image, I know.) There was a sequence we went through where we squatted down, wrapped our hands around one foot, came back up to standing while straightening the foot we were holding, then transitioned it back to Dancer pose. I was getting SO FRUSTRATED not being able to hold on to my foot this whole time because of the buckets of sweat. Argherioghaerthavmalkdrtioh. Then I got frustrated while everyone around me was leaping into headstands and handstands, but I have to remind myself that I've been going to yoga about twice a week for 8 months while these people have clearly been putting in tons of hours into their practice for YEARS. (At least I hope so, and I'm not just a lost cause.) Highlights included holding Crow for a decent amount of time and holding Side Crow facing the left side as well. Wahoo!

 Then I made a really ridiculous mac and cheese on AV's request that included jalapeno, onions, broccoli, diced bell peppers, cheddar and a crunchy panko topping. No pictures, because I was too busy inhaling it. And now, I need to diet. But I have the excuse of carb-loading, right?


  1. What?? No potatoes on the pizza ala Cibo?

    1. Don't worry, I'm sure a homemade papa pizza is in the plans at some point in our near dinner future!