Thursday, July 31, 2014

J'veux ton amour, Et je veux ton revanche!

Workouts, food, Gaga, oh my!

Skipping back to yesterday morning. I had a quick 5K run on the treadmill (3.1 in 30:40, 1 minute and 40 seconds faster than my outdoors run the morning before), sprinting at every 5th minute. Ex: mins 0-4 5.9 pace, min 5 6.5 pace. It got the job done. I didn't get to the gym in time for a full go-round at the weights that morning, so I focused on some upper-body strength.

After work I hurried home because I had VERY important things to get to last night.

And yes. It was as amazing as you think it was.

I had made reservations at one of our new favorite places, Arrogant Butcher, before the show. It's a Fox Restaurant Concept, so those in the Phx area know how glorious those generally are. (And those in KC know how glorious North is!) If you're a local and haven't eaten there and thus, haven't experienced their house soft pretzels with Provolone fondue then, well. I weep for you.

I also devoured their take on a quinoa/tabbouleh salad, complete with Marcona almonds (an obsession of mine), feta, a light and refreshing Oregano vinaigrette and lots of other chopped veggie goodies. 
(See our cute little cast-iron fondue pot? Ma'am, I'd like to order a hot tub-sized vat of melted cheese, please.)

(Bathroom selfie of my new fun party dress! Blurry, because I didn't want someone to walk in on me being a douchebag.)


(The suite view...was sweet.)
Her opening acts were terri-bad, but all was right in the world once Gaga came in. She played for over two hours and was amazing and it was definitely worth the LATE (for me. I'm old.) bedtime.

I miraculously woke up one minute before my alarm was set to go off at 5:49 and begrudgingly got ready to head to yoga. I've been attending this Thursday 6:30 a.m. since the beginning of 2014 and it's a highlight of my workout week. I'm generally the youngest yogi by about 25 years but some of the others out-practice me by leaps and bounds and headstands (literally). The instructor is amazing and the class always starts out slowly, making me feel like I'm in for a relaxing hour of stretching. Then around the 15 minute mark I realize I'm sweating buckets and my heart is pounding. Today she talked about the balance of softness and structure in our practice. I like her philosophy on focusing on setting up poses from the ground on a solid foundation and working your way up. Have you ever attempted Tree Pose (Vrksasana) with your grounded foot on a foam block with your eyes closed? Woof. Practice ended with Pigeon Pose, which was perfect for my first official week of training. 

According to MapMyRun, I rounded out July 2014 with 60.65 miles. 7.11 miles of that were taken on Sunday morning walks. A solid foundation to keep building upon!


  1. I can't believe you ate a fox. Thought you were a vegetarian.

  2. Erin, Your So Fancy.....from Scottsdale to Tokyo. Who dat Gaga?!?!

  3. I remember the 1st time you went to see Gaga...I think she was an opening act and you went with KVL? You showed me her picture and I thought she was a female impersonator! HA! Love your spatial party dress and hair do. By the way, pigeon is a great hip opener for runners. I'm not a runner but it is one of my favorites. Keep up the good work girly.