Friday, September 5, 2014


Yesterday I had a "oh, crap" moment. For some reason I had the wrong pace time in my head for my 2:20 half goal. It's 10:41/mi, not 10:46. And yes, I know 5 seconds seems pretty measly, but to someone who isn't exactly the most natural runner, it means I need to get my act together!

Thursday morning yoga was necessary and awesome. After warming up with about 15 minutes of flow we spent the majority of the rest of class in various down-dog positions and deeeeeeeep lunges working out hamstrings and hips. Also! I learned that some people called Flipped Dog "Wild Thing," which is basically my new favorite term of life.

Another "crap" moment this morning: I babied out on core work. It was humid (no comments from the peanut gallery, mom) and I was DRENCHED in sweat when I came back from my 3.12 miles. All I could think about was a shower. I'm sure Sunday afternoon yoga will involve core work somehow.

(Sweet, another Garmin pic where it looks like you took a dip in a pool of sweat. 
Well, maybe I did.)

Tomorrow calls for another 8 miles. I might try to extend it to 8.5 to build upon last week, but we'll just see how I feel. 

I'm v. excited because in one month I will be celebrating the impending birth of Blueberry with my ex-wife. HOORAY!


  1. Blueb is dancing with excitement to be in the presence of the lengendary Emay. Fun fact: she now weighs as much as a chihuahua (2.5 pounds).