Friday, September 12, 2014

Nunnya biznass

After I quit wallowing in my self pity on Monday, I actually had a pretty good week of workouts.

Monday afternoon AV ended up getting tickets to the Cardinal's game from a "secret source." Seeing as it was the first game of the season and a Monday Night Football game, parking at the stadium was a goat-rodeo nightmare. 

The game was fun and Arizona eked out a last-minute win so at least we had that to comfort us while waiting an HOUR to get out of the parking lot. Woof!

Because of AZ's massive storm dump this week, there was no way I could run my scheduled 5 miles outside in Tuesday morning's swamp-like conditions. I busted out 5 treadmill miles in 50:30 (10:06/mi pace) and was bored outta my gourd, but at least I felt pretty good.

Wednesday's treadmill 5K came in at 31:20 (another 10:06/mi pace...would be nice if that could ever translate into real life. It shall not.) and I followed it with upper body weights. 

Yesterday's yoga was amazing, per usual. We did a lot of twisting and opening around the spine. We also set my quads on fire while holding Chair for approximately 53 hours while hooking our elbows to each side. 

This morning I tried some Tri-Berry Nuun in my water bottle for my first-of-the-week outside run. I wanted to try these out to see if the electrolytes have any effect on me. I'm going to use it in my water for tomorrow's 9 miles (gulp), but thought I'd test drive them today. Not sure if it was placebo effect or if these babies really work (I'm leaning towards the latter, since I've read a lot about them), but I felt great on this run. 3.22 with splits of 10:41, 10:04 and 9:44 for 3.22 in 32:16 (10:01/mi). It felt great! I'm looking forward to see how they effect me tomorrow. I finished up with a 10 minute ab video from Blogilates. It was one of her older clips, so she wasn't as "peppy" (read: annoying).

I tried to capture my before/after shots to sufficiently show a typical sweat-drench.

(Didn't mean to have the flash in that first pic. Nice faces, dork.)

Tomorrow's forecast has a 63% humidity rate at 5:00 a.m., only getting worse from there. I'm just going to force myself to be positive and do my best. And that's what matters.

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  1. My retinas are singed from the flash in that photo.