Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quickie Update

Whoa! It's been a while. Sorry. I'm sure you were all waiting with baited breath.

Here's what's been going on:

Last Tuesday's 5 miler was amazing. All splits were negative and glorious: 10:47, 10:34, 10:29, 10:25, 10:08.

Ran Wednesday's treadmill 5K in 30:40, followed by weights. Standard.

Thursday yoga = great start to the morning, as per usual.

Friday's 5K somehow didn't turn out. I had wine Thursday night. *cough* Sowhatwhocares!

Saturday's 10 miles actually ended up feeling pretty great. I think I've figured out the Shot Blok puzzle for my long runs. I ate 9 blocks total (3 at 3 different times) dispersed throughout the run and I know when I'll add the last 3 for the actual race.

Sunday afternoon yoga was perfect. I felt strong and stretchy and yes...sweaty. I could have wrung some sweat out of my towel. Delightful!

Tuesday's 5 miles also did not happen. I'm not sure what happened that morning, but my alarm went off at 5:10 a.m. and I felt completely exhausted. I decided to listen to my body and just sleep. 

I had to make up for it this morning because my workout schedule will be a little off this week. We head to Austin, TX tomorrow morning to visit AV's family and meet his niece (whose 1st birthday is tomorrow!) early in the morning, so a workout definitely won't be happening then. I hope to squeeze in a couple runs while we're there, but I'm not looking for anything too intense. Thus, 7 miles this morning.

The good: IT WAS COOL THIS MORNING! When my alarm went off at 5:00 I saw the temp was 75° and perfect. I think I danced the first few minutes of the run.

The "uh-oh": I knew I had to be "speedy" in order to get back home with enough time to get ready for work. I became a little too enthused too early in the game and thus:

Mile 1-11:00 (not sure on the exact time, since I couldn't hear the beep over traffic)
Mile 2-10:45
Mile 3-10:25
Mile 4-10:10 (me: "crap")
Mile 5-10:50
Mile 6-10:55
Mile 7-11:38

The Ugly: I've not gotten such a TERRIBLE side stitch in my life. I think it was a combination of being to fast for my britches (get it) and needing another shot blok at the 10K point, which is usually when I take it. At least I've learned.

All in all, it felt good until the end. Now I'm STARVING!

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  1. Hope you are having fun in Austin. One week and you'll be in KC! Woo!