Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Talking It Out

I knew the entire month of October was going to be crazyville, and it's staying true to that:

-Last weekend of September: Trip to Austin
-First weekend of October: Trip to KC
-Last weekend: work Saturday and Sunday for Tour de Scottsdale
-This weekend: RACE
-Next weekend: work Saturday for SpoooooOoOoOooooOooOky Carnival: Pirate Edition (I wish I had a peg leg)

So, the light at the tunnel is in sight, but I have to finish 13.1 miles to get there.

Saturday's 11 miler brought a mix of emotions. I am officially the weirdo who kind of likes setting out before the sun rises to spend a few hours running. Not that I do it fast or with any grace, but I do it. It's a nice time before the weekend really begins. I felt a little sluggish in the beginning. My first 4 miles clocked in at the 11:00+ mark which made me mad. (More mad at myself--perhaps I shouldn't have pushed myself to a fast-for-me 4 miles the morning before: 4.16 miles at a 10:07/mi pace) The ensuing few miles were an up and down roller coaster of times. I felt pretty OK with everything until the very end. Mile 10.5 came with a ton of bricks hitting me in the face. I have solace in the fact that I'll have more fuel on me for the race on Saturday and that I'll know to eat more before I set off.

I ended 11 miles by running in a circle around my gate box because I just didn't want to go any further away. I'm sure I looked deranged. 11 miles in 2:01:16 for a 11:01 min/mi pace.

Now, here's where I have to have a come to Jesus conversation with myself. I will need a 20 seconds/mile pace to hit my goal on Saturday. Can I do it? I've had some amazing long-"ish" runs where I've gone faster than that. I'm not going to be doing any sort of physical activity the day before the race and I'm making friends with the foam roller this week.But, 20 seconds is kind of a lot. If I'm being honest with myself, I know it's going to be close, and I'm erring on the side of "Welp, I'm probably not going to hit sub-2:20." There are all kinds of factors. All my long runs have started out bright and early. The race doesn't start until 7:00 a.m., putting me at finishing after 9:00 a.m. When I was working the Tour on Sunday I noted the brightness/temp around 9:30 and it was WARM. That doesn't bode well.

But weirder things have happened. I think the greatest achievement of this training season is that I don't hate running like last year. Don't get me wrong: I am READY to do a week straight of yoga and nothing else after this weekend. But the idea of continuing to run and keep myself in better running shape doesn't make me want to die like it did before. But I think any future races will aim for the 10K mark. That seems much more sustainable for my life and abilities.

In other news...

  • AV is signed up for the 5K on Saturday! If anything, it will give him something to do besides just wait for me. Plus, snacks after the race.
  • We finished House of Cards last night. MOAR PLZ. I heard they're filming season 3 right now. It makes me want to get into politics and secretly murder people. Next I think we will move onto OITNB.
  • Speaking of politics, this guy's write-in signs are everywhere. FIVE F'S O' FREEDOM! My Five F's of Freedom are: Fireworks, Frosting, Frangelico, Falafel, Fazoli's (I'm hungry)
  • These have been made twice and they are really glorious. Last night I followed the recipe to the letter (although halving it) and mixed in some diced green onions before cooking. I topped them with sharp white cheddar and an avocado mash. DO IT.


  1. I think you're going to surprise yourself on Saturday. Just load up on carbs for a couple days before the race. And after the race, load up on margaritas! Good luck!

  2. Wow Erin! I can't believe your training is already finished! The 'hay is in the barn' as they say, and all you need to do now is rest and hydrate. And, get revved up - the adrenaline and fresh legs will have you feeling great the day of the race. Just stick to your goal paces (don't go out too fast!) and you'll be good to go. Can't wait to hear about it - send pics! You're a rock star - yayayay! xoxo

  3. Just got back from STL...had very much fun. Even more fun than running 13.1 miles. Today was the KC Marathon and Color Run in Lawrence. All the cool people must be running today. Let us know the results....I can't wait to hear.

    "I'm a middle child and had issues with my third grade teacher." HAH! I want to grow up to be the pioneer woman except I don't want to live on a ranch in Oklahoma and I don't want to home school my kids. I just want a really nice kitchen.

    Smoochies to you and AV.