Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mah babe's babe

Hello again!

I left off last Thursday. Yoga that morning was amazing. We did a ton of work involving back-bends and opening our spines and our instructor said something about how we'd have lots of energy throughout our day because of it. Not sure if this was just a yogacebo or what, but I was pumped! up! all! day! It was awesome. The free iced coffee they have in the mornings probably helped.

Friday morning I set out on a "long-ish" run, because I was fairly certain I wasn't going to haul my cookies out in 35° morning weather during my quick weekend trip to KC. I did pack a workout outfit, my water bottle and running shoes just in case. Shoulda saved the carry-on space! I ran 6.56 early morning miles with progressively faster splits and felt completely amazing. 1:09:29 for a 10:36 min/mi average. I want every run to be that not. (Spoiler alert to this morning: they're not.)

My boss scared me into leaving for the airport earlier than I had planned, so I headed down there around 1:30. I'm glad I did, because the entire economy parking lot was full. I was forced into the garage spaces out there, which is $2 more per day. What a ruse!

I picked up a veggie sambo and iced coffee from La Grande Orange (Sky Harbor's restaurant scene is glorious) and waited while my flight got delayed about half an hour. It didn't matter, since my flight was now arriving the same time as my WonderTwin Ashley. We bounded off our flights and went to pick up her amazing chariot:

(I got tha Hertz hook up...holla if you hear me)
We sped off to my dad's house and got there around 11:00 for baseball watching and snacks.
The next morning she left in her pimped-ride and my mom came to pick me up for the baby shower. It was a glorious afternoon of friends, snacks, a mountain of gifties and of course lots of pictures. I miss these ladies!!!!!!


 (Every gal needs a hip set of glittery Jayhawk diapies)

Afterwards we helped deliver gifties to Jo's house and hung out for a while. Can't wait to meet that Blueb!!!!!! And learn her name, but someone said "Beyonce Spears Conrad" and Jo didn't say it WASN'T that, so there is hope.
That night we went to Pizza Bella for mom's belated birthday dinner. The food was just as delicious as the Crossroads location, but you could definitely tell we were in the Johnson County location by the two tables nearby with screaming children.

Sunday we all met up at Eggtc. off the Plaza for a final group get-together and breakfast. This place was a standard before I moved, but they've expanded their menu and it's even more glorious. Their iced coffee was on point and my frittata ("Cheddar, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, onions and roasted red peppers. Topped with spicy salsa and basil") was DELICIOUS. AND HUGE. We all wheeled ourselves out of there.

(Blurry breakfast)

My flight back was on time and I relished the 90 degree air that hit me in the face as I walked to the parking garage. I forced myself to go to the grocery store and that night we started an epic binge:

I'm glad to have a new TV obsession because when Mad Men ends next spring I'm going to want to die.

I forced myself up for a 6:00 a.m. flow class at the Gainey Village location. I'd taken this class once before and while the instructor is a little more hippy dippy than other ones I've experienced (she's the one who starts class with "breath of fire" and talks about astrology/moon cycles/etc.), which you know I love, the class itself is right up my alley. A complete workout without feeling like I'm going to pass out and die like some more power classes can do to me.

I was not looking forward to this morning's run for some reason. I ended up sleeping in a little later than usual (alarm went off at 5:25 so that's my "later" time apparently) and was just not interested. I actually still wanted to go back inside and just hang out while I was stretching outside our gate. No idea what the problem was, but I sucked it up and ran 4 miles in 42:04 (10:31 min/mi) with progressively slower splits. 10:25, 10:28, 10:31, 10:38. Whoops. Not terrible, but not the greatest, you know?

Tomorrow I hope to do another "long-ish" run like last Friday. It looks like the heavens may storm-dump on us again so I might have to do it on the treadmill. Woof. We'll see.

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  1. You forgot to mention Reese pooping between the Conrad's front doors. That will keep door to door solicitors away. I also feel we should mention Terry (or Terri) Cruise....just because.