Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stitch Fug

A non-workout entry...

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard of Stitchfix. You pay a $20 styling fee and fill out an extensive questionnaire based on your clothes preferences and personal style. The company then ships you a box full of goodies to try on. You pay for what you want to keep (minus your $20 fee), and send back what you don't. Or, you get shipped a bunch of clothes that are laughably overpriced for their quality, and send the whole shebang back and eat the $20.

I'm legitimately the last person on Earth to try this service, so I thought I'd treat myself and just give it a shot. April has reviewed her Fixes with pretty good success, and seemed to have some good experience getting cute pieces to add to her wardrobe. I used her referral code, (use hers! She has better luck with this than me!) which gives her a $20 to her account for future goodies, and set off on my clothing adventure.

My first (spoiler alert: and last) Fix arrived last Thursday evening. I asked for some staple sundresses I could dress up  for work, but still dress down for weekend-wearing. I also requested a yellow cardigan, simply because that's a random staple I always forget I want.

I was sent the following...

-Color-blocked maxi dress. I actually really liked this. It was long enough (sometimes a struggle for me) and the fit was flattering. However, this bad boy clocked in at $88. I would have had to shell out $68 more to keep it. Give me a break.

-Purple shirt. I thought this was cute, but the material was pretty uncomfortable. My stylist said I could pair it with the skirt also enclosed in my package...

-This was actually pretty comfortable. The shirt is the only thing I could wear this with, because there is literally nothing else to pair with it in my closet.

-This is my exasperated look. This dress is the only thing I really thought about keeping. But once I kept it on for a while, I thought it fit weird around my stomach (food baby, I'm sure) and it was $64. $64. For viscose and spandex. In the

I was also send a simple white 3/4 sleeve cardigan, since they didn't have a yellow one in stock. $38 for Old Navy quality (NOT bashing bashing something I could get for $10.)

All in all, I get why Stitchfix is popular. (Kind of...) But the quality and pricing, in my experience, did NOT make sense. I just don't think these subscription services are for me!


  1. I always love my Stitch Fix clothes that they send me...but I am with you...they are grossly overpriced! I cancelled my subscription...but not until I spent far too much on a pair or two of jeans :)

    1. Seriously! I see people get cute stuff from their shipments all the time. Maybe I should have given it another shot...but $20 is $20!